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Study habits, learning strategies, & organization
tailored to your student's cognition

Empower your student with ownership and advocacy over their own learning.

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What Executive Function & Cognitive Coaching supports

  • Scheduling, Planning, Prioritizing

  • Task Initiation, Anti Procrastination

  • Material Organization

  • Digital Organization

  • Mental Organization

  • Attention

  • Working Memory

  • Cognitive Flexibility

  • Self Monitoring

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Impulse control

... these are the skills students often are left to figure out for themselves.

...also the skills that make students' (& parents') lives a heck of a lot easier.

Sample Mindprint Profile

We use the MindPrint cognitive data to generate study skills, learning strategies, and organizational habits that align with each student's cognition.

We'll pair your child with a coach that meets them where they are, works at their pace, and transforms their approach to learning & problem solving.

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