Empower your student with cognitive self-discovery. Learn how to leverage their cognitive profile

Starter MIndprint AssessMent

  • The 1-hour Mindprint assessment

  • 4 Cognitive Reports

  • 30-min results consultation for parents/guardians 


Student Plan

  • Starter MindPrint Assessment

  • Plus a 1-hour Cognitive Coaching session for your child


6-month Plan

  • Student Plan

  • Plus Cognitive Coaching curriculum + advisory for 6 months


Sample Mindprint Profile

Cognitive Data and Student "Metacognition".....

Gives parents a deeper knowledge of their child

In the Classroom

Helps instructors


School Supply

Empowers students to own *their* learning process

Sample SAT_ACT lean report_edited.jpg

vs test optional

in 1 hour

Graduation Handshake

Turn a $50/hr tutor

into a $150/hr tutor.


Equip your child's mentorship team with dozens of customized learning strategies tailored to your student's cognitive profile.

Too many programs

launch right into what's claimed to be “customized” but is instead cookie cutter. Students are left reeling or bored.


Too many families have to change directions multiple times, draining energy and losing efficiency.

Paint Cans
Kids with Capes

The MindPrint is a revolutionary 1-hr cognitive assessment built by an Ed Psych team out of UPenn. It is normed and validated for students ages 8-21. Neurocognitive testing dates back to the 1800s, but the internet and data science advancements have transformed the field into an essential tool in a child’s education. What DiscoverCore offers that most won’t is a digestible and actionable model. The reports are far easier to understand than your typical ed psych tool, and we provide simple next steps for students to continue their self-mastery.


The MindPrint measures Executive Functions, Memory, and Complex Reasoning in each student. The data is used to generate at least 6 different reports and profiles, including insight into academic skillsets, cognitive function, and predictive SAT vs. ACT analytics.

Young Student


This is interesting. I'm starting to wonder what I can do with my cognitive strengths.

Home Schooling


I feel like I'm seeing [my child] in a new way, for the first time. MindPrint helped me confirm some aspects of their identity, and challenge others.

School Teacher

College Counselor

When academic coaches understand how students learn, instruction delivery can be tailored to meet individual needs. MindPrint provides students and their support squads with valuable cognitive data in an easily digestible format.