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SAT/ACT Prep Classes

Taking SAT/ACT Prep Classes

If it's almost time for your student to take the SAT or ACT, you may have more questions than they do. With our SAT/ACT Primer classes, you can more confident in your child's direction. Our SAT/ACT prep classes teach students about every section that is on the test and what each of these sections is like. The student is then given a foundation for developing test-taking and conceptual skills. The time parameters for the test are introduced as well as how students should pace themselves to maximize their score. We use official practice problems and take your child through them step by step so that they can thoroughly articulate the path to the answer. Each student uses a workbook for extra practice as well as to review what they learned before taking the SAT/ACT. With this class, they will have a breath of fresh air and a calm, confident start to their process.


Our SAT/ACT Primer class teacher has tutored over 10,000 hours and helped eight students achieve perfect scores! Experience like this is crucial when evaluating who you want to give your child their first steps into this often stressful world. 

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