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Rocket Launch

The SAT/ACT Launch Course


Take the best first step

A 3 hour intro course

A 1 hour cognitive assessment

And a 30 minute consultation

Saturday or Sunday 


10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm


Ticket prices vary

by host school or community

Conceptual and Strategic Foundations

Students get...

  • An intro class on each section of the SAT/ACT

  • Insight into which concepts are most tested

  • A compact SAT/ACT Launch workbook 

  • Every shortcut strategy

  • Step-by-step instruction through official practice problems

Students Taking Exams

Mindset, Time Management, Comprehension

  • Understand the big picture, beyond the scores, beyond test stress

  • Explore and develop a pace of problem solving that's right for you

  • Learn to interpret the predictable language of the tests

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

Guidance through the big decisions

  • Advice on testing timelines, test optional vs digital SAT vs paper ACT, practice paths

  • Personal learning recommendations based on student cognitive profile

  • A coach with 9 perfect scores

Most Launch Courses include the MindPrint cognitive test.

Check with your school or host community to confirm.

The mindprint assessment

Get cognitively based SAT v ACT (and test optional) recommendations through a student profile that measure Reasoning, Memory, Executive Function, and Efficiency

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