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Launch Courses

The start

of any process is the most important moment. 

Set the right tone, chart the right path, build the right foundation.

Core Habits

Habits drive everything. What drives you?

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Thank us later.

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Decode the test cypher


Stress management, self-regulation

Core Habits

The science of habit building and reconstruction has taken US culture by storm. Cue, Routine, Reward your student with an ability to analyze and train their own habits

Blue Personal Objects


Remember that one assembly where that one student said what we were all thinking, "there's some important life skill school isn't teaching us!"

How to turn off our notifications? How to balance a checkbook? Build your foundation for good #adulting early.


Which test? what to study? tutors? classes? books? Is it even worth the effort?

Set the right mentality for productive college readiness development. 

White Sand and Stone


Stress management, self-regulation, attention training, and remembering the big picture. The distracting and dissociating factors that face our students are beyond the scope of any prior generation. Uplift your student with technical, data-backed training on how to navigate the many barriers to learning and mental wellbeing.

Launch families also get $80 off the 1-hour MindPrint

Cognitive self-discovery assessment.

mindprint assessment

Reasoning, Memory, and Executive Function Profiles + Cognitive Coaching

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