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Digestible and Actionable

Discover a digestible, actionable approach to education psychology. The reports are far easier to understand than your typical ed psych tool, and we provide simple next steps for students to continue their self-mastery.

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The MindPrint

The MindPrint measures Executive Functions, Memory, and Complex Reasoning in each student. That data is used to generate tailored learning techniques and 6 different reports and profiles, including insight into academic skillsets, cognitive function, and predictive SAT vs. ACT analytics.

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Instead of $3,500 for a full PHD Ed Psych evaluation, the MindPrint assessment and consultation start at $350. 


Caring is simple. But students need to *know* you care. DiscoverCore is the product of 10 years of compassionate education that places the individual student at the center of everything.

Start Strong

First impressions make a difference. Education is evolving rapidly, and our Cognitive Coaching and intro courses ensure intentionality. A voice of reason to processes that are often far too stressful for students and parents alike. 

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