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Student Cognitive Coaching

Engaging in Student Cognitive Coaching

For better academic success, we offer student cognitive coaching. Getting cookie cutter academic coaching that treats each student the same is not effective for many students. Teach your student how they learn efficiently using our database of over 500 learning techniques. We create a report that shows you your student's memory, reasoning, and executive functions. Getting a session of student cognitive coaching is an effective way for the student to get a personalized coaching session that focuses on learning strategies that align with their cognition. Empower your student with self-awareness, self-discovery, and personalized learning strategy. 

One of the most important things you can do for your child's academic career is to get them an effective assessment that will show you who they are at a cognitive level. The MindPrint assessment will generate six profiles and reports that help you to understand your child in a way you didn't before.


It even has predictive analytics for their likely SAT and ACT scores and can be used to predict challenges in their upcoming courses. With this assessment, the child can get a coaching session that is perfectly aligned to the cognitive profile. Student cognitive assessments ensure that consultations and coaching sessions focus on the right aspects of their cognitive abilities. With the right help, your child will be better poised to succeed academically. 

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