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Educational Services

Use Our Educational Services

Even hardworking, successful students are often working inefficiently. Society generally lets students meander through a trial and error process of study habits, learning strategy, and executive functions that often last into their adult life. Our educational services and cognitive coaching can help any student improve the efficiency of their learning. Low verbal reasoning, but high visual reasoning? Maybe simple written flashcards aren't the best strategy. High cognitive flexibility? Take a leadership role in your group assignments and watch how well you navigate the inclusion of everyone's participation. Most students are focusing disproportionately on conceptual skills. "Find me a math tutor!" or "my Chemistry grade is falling." Though typically overlooked, cognitive and executive function coaching can provide a course wide lift to a student's performance, simply by teaching them better learning strategies that cater to their individual cognition.

Every brain is different, and great minds don't think (or learn) alike. It's important that each child is assessed to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. The ideal educational services will work to play up their strengths and build supporting strategy around their weaknesses. Taking advantage of our educational services can help your child's academic confidence, ownership, and performance.

The MindPrint Cognitive assessments is a powerful tool that we use to figure out how a student learns best. Like the uniqueness of a fingerprint, your child has unique cognitive abilities and perceptions. The Mindprint assessment is designed to help you understand (and even predict) your student's academic challenges, providing a percentile based report on your student's Memory, Reasoning, and Executive Functions. 


You can opt for just the assessment, report, and consultation, or you can get those plus cognitive coaching for your child. Both of these options are perfect for finding out what your child needs to work on and how they can be helped through the process. If you want to know what your child needs to work on and what they do well, it may be time for an assessment and a unique Mindprint report.

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