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The SAT/ACT Launch Course

The start

of the SAT/ACT process is one of the most important moments. Parents and students alike often have more questions than answers.


Set the right tone, pick the right test (or lack thereof), and build the critical foundation for conceptual skills, test-taking strategies, mindset, and more.


  • An intro course on each section of the SAT/ACT

  • A Launch workbook for extended practice and review

  • The critical foundation for conceptual skills, test taking strategies

  • Explore time management and mindset

  • Step-by-step instruction through official practice problems

  • Lessons from a 10 year tutor with 8 perfect scoring students.

Students Taking Exams

Launch families also get $80 off the 1-hour MindPrint

ACT v. SAT v. Test Optional assessment.

mindprint assessment

Reasoning, Memory, and Executive Function Profiles + Cognitive Coaching

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